How are fulfillment rates calculated?

Modified on Fri, 23 Jul 2021 at 11:39 AM

Fulfillment calculations are based on the number of orders marked "Shipped" and "Rejected" over the previous 90 days.  The number of "Shipped" orders is divided by the total number of orders, not including "Canceled" orders.  

Orders marked "Canceled" are not included in the fulfillment calculation.  "Canceled" orders include those which have been returned to the seller.  

Orders marked as "Shipped" and "Rejected" are counted, including individual titles in multiple title orders which have been canceled as out of stock.  For example, if you have three orders in the past 90 days and one of those orders has two titles in it, the fulfillment calculator would count that as four books.  Rejecting one of the two titles in that order would make your rate 75% because three of the four books were shipped. 

Biblio will also remove one "Rejected" order from that calculation automatically.  If you have only one "Rejected" order or book over the previous 90 days, you should still be seeing a 100% fulfillment rate. 

If you have to cancel an order and feel that the cancellation should not affect fulfillment, please email with the order number and details.  We'll be happy to look at canceling the order so that your fulfillment rate is not negatively affected. 

Your order fulfillment rate will appear to customers in the form of stars.  

Here's what the stars mean:

★★★★★ 96% to 100%

★★★★ 90% to 95%

★★★ 85% to 89%

★★ 70% to 84%

0% to 69%

Fulfillment rates are calculated and posted one time every 24 hours.

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