Asendia International consolidated shipping program

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Biblio has partnered with Asendia to make international shipping far less expensive, and easier to process!

The Benefits

Biblio is an international marketplace with book buyers and booksellers all over the world, but we know it can sometimes be a hassle to ship internationally. We're making that easier and cheaper for you, as well as potentially increasing your sales around the world. The new program means you'll pay less commission on those orders, too. We'll be calculating commission based on the total that we credit you for the sale, instead of the postage total the customer has paid. There will be no customs form to fill out and no customer phone number required. We're making international orders just as easy and just as economical to ship as your standard domestic orders. The new program also reduces your risk of loss. You'll be responsible for getting the package to the Asendia shipping consolidation center, then Asendia and Biblio will take it from there!

The Process

The new shipping program will apply to all orders from US sellers to international customers who select Standard shipping. We'll provide an address label for Asendia's consolidation center on the top portion of the packing slip that you can affix to the outside of the package. It will look like this:

Biblio Export Center (5000000)

PO Box 71368


Please be sure you are using that label or another label that includes the full Asendia address and the Biblio shipment number (in parentheses above). Asendia is using the shipment number as a package ID, and it is necessary to ensure delivery and correctly update tracking. The bottom portion of the packing slip will include the customer's international shipping address and product details, and it can be included inside the package. The customer's international address should not be on the outside of the package.

We recommend using USPS media rate mail with tracking/delivery confirmation. Pack, ship, and enter tracking into your order details, just like you would with any domestic order. Once the package reaches Asendia, they take over shipping and Biblio takes over responsibility for any loss in transit. You'll provide tracking from your location to Asendia, and Asendia will provide international tracking. We'll post all tracks in the order details and also forward tracking info to customers via email. The postage credit you'll receive for those orders will be equal to the rate you have entered in your shipping matrix for standard shipping to US addresses. You can still adjust your standard domestic rate by making changes to your shipping matrix.

Items Priced $500 and over, Multi-Volume Sets Automatically Opted Out

If a book is priced at USD $500 or more, or the customer has chosen a multi-volume set, the order will be automatically opted out of this program. Postage that the customer pays will be taken from the appropriate zone of your shipping matrix, just like before. You'll have the same option you have now to request additional funds towards postage, insurance costs, signed delivery confirmation, or any other assurances. You'll ship the order directly to the customer's international address.

What about expedited orders?

Expedited orders will not be part of the program. Ship these orders just as you would have before, using the rate you have set in your shipping matrix. You will be able to request additional postage if you need to, just like you can now.


We have provided answers below to what we think will be the most common questions. If you have any additional questions or feedback, please email us directly at

When exactly does this go into effect, and which orders are affected?

On January 15, 2019, we'll automatically apply the new international shipping program for every bookseller with a business address in the US. The new rates and procedures will apply only to orders from US sellers to international customers where the book price is less than $500 and Standard shipping is selected.

What rates will customers see and how are those calculated?

Rates will vary per ship-to-country and will be based on our Asendia rate for that country plus the seller's US standard rate. Here are some examples based on a seller with a US standard rate of $4.50:

     Canada: $17.02     

     UK: $20.62     

     Australia: $21.09     

     Czech Republic: $16.19

What orders should I opt out of?

If an order weighs more than 4 lbs., or cannot ship in just one package, you won't be able to ship the order to the Asendia consolidation center for the same cost you would ship a single book to a US address. Go ahead and opt those orders out of the Asendia consolidated shipping program. When you do so, you'll see the same options for requesting additional postage that you've always had. The procedure and cost for shipping those orders will be the same as always. You'll ship directly to the customer, and you'll be credited the full amount the customer agrees to pay for postage.

The same applies to very small and light items. If the rate that the customer has paid is more than you need to ship the order to the overseas address, you can opt that order out of the Asendia program. You can then reduce postage if you wish, just like always.

More questions about heavy orders? Click here.

Can I opt out of Asendia?

If you already ship internationally using methods that are cheaper and faster than Asendia offers, or you already work with Asendia or another shipping consolidation company, you can opt out of the Asendia program. Before you decide, please take a moment to compare postage rates and see if the new international shipping program can save you and your customers' money on shipping. Remember to include savings on commission charges when you calculate the difference. Please email us at

What if I don't ship from the US, but I have a US-based shipping matrix?

The Asendia program only benefits sellers shipping from a US address to an Asendia shipping consolidation center in the US. If you have a US business address listed in your account information, but you are not actually shipping from a US address, please email us at so that we may set your account up correctly. If you ship most of your orders to the US from an address outside the US, is automatically included in this program will not be optimal for you. Let us help get your account set up correctly.

How do I give my customer Asendia tracking info?

We're forwarding all tracking links to customers via email, for both domestic and international journeys. In some cases, those messages may be getting flagged as spam. Once an item reaches the Asendia consolidation center and has been sent along to the international address, customers will be able to view results at the Asendia tracking site. You can get that same tracking from the order details. We've added a section for Consolidated Order Tracking, with links to View Tracking and Copy Tracking URL.

You can always forward customer inquiries about those orders to, and we'll be happy to help.

Are there any countries that Asendia cannot ship to?

Asendia ships everywhere except Ascension Island, Bolivia, Falkland Islands, North Korea, and Somalia.

Questions? If you have any additional questions or feedback, please email us directly at

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